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1. Can you kill spiders? ~eww

-Yes I certainly can, I just choose to usually release them :3

2. If you have 1 free coupon for a Liposuction, which part of your body would it be?

-Honestly I wouldn’t I like the way my body looks, take anything away and I’d look funny!

3. What was the creepiest thing you ate? (except for your mommas sunday stew)

-Garlic fried mealworms 

4. Spell your name backwards and replace all vocals with an “U”


5. How much gb has your phone?

-Honestly? I haven’t the foggiest

6. Which relationship do you have to Barack Obama?

-The canadian kind

7. How many seconds are you old? Duuuuh~

-Uh….however seconds 20 years is?

8. Are you really sure you can’t kill spiders?

-I still can, my friend

9. Which house number do you have?


11. You wonder where question 10 is, right?

-Slightly yes, however I’ve learned to not question these things anymore on Tumblr


Whomever wants to D8


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((Good heavens, I swear I’m working on pictures to reply the asks, you guys are lovely!))

((Coloured Vivi in her pjs :3 ))

((Coloured Vivi in her pjs :3 ))

Heyy <3 It's been a while, huh? How are you doing? :3

*pulls into a tight hug* Sanji-kun! it’s been so long, please sit down, tell me everything! What have you seen, what have you down! (when did you get a moustache)

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this is more for the ooc, but what would be the top hmm…7 characters you'd ship vivi with?

((Oh! Okay hmm hmm hmm, let’s do this!

  1. Khoza: Childhood friends and a long standing connection to one another
  2. Ace: A touch crackish but it would be cute…he’s dead though :|
  3. Sanji: Hard to say as Sanji is too lecherous at times to really stand with any single woman
  4. Ussop: Both are the ‘regular’ types, would be cute :3
  5. Nami: I said it, that’s right ladies and gents! Oh come on you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be cute right?
  6. Mr.9: I know he’s got a lady now but they would have been sweet <3
  7. Luffy: Last and least because he doesn’t understand love I think :|
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P-pardon?! Luffy and I are strictly friends, honestly I doubt he even understands what love or a relationship actually is, the only thing that he loves is food.

Love however? I uh…I don’t really have my eyes on anyone!

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Akainu: Have you any relationship to the Strawhats ? :0

Oh goodness! *runs a hand down the back of her neck* I honestly haven;t seen, or fully heard of them…in a…long time..

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Well, not per-se an outfit of mine but the whole ensemble is a family heirloom! Roughly estimated I think Teracotta once told me it would be worth around 200,000,000 beri, give or take.

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