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Hey, long days of helping my country it's always fun to sit back with Carue and talk to the people! I'm Vivi Nefertari, or I suppose you can call me Princess Vivi of Alabasta, but you really don't have to!

Seeing so much with the Strawhats makes my life feel so calm so feel free to ask me anything!<3

Anon: Open
M!A: Open

How do you feel about Bartholomeo…? I know you have't met —Anonymous


Uh, um…how on earth can I say…?

I respect his um, devotion to Luffy-San but still I cannot fully pass some kind on judgment over such a…colourful individual without meeting them.


Who told you?!


Final Fantasy —Anonymous


Kill La Kill —Anonymous


SDR/SDR2! —Anonymous


Super Highschool level princess

ooc: That’s right, let’s do this one again! I will happily do repeats of ones I did last time round :)

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February 21st — and with 2 notes

I think buggy is your real dad Princess —Anonymous


Ooh goodness anon-san, that’s very…observant of you? I doubt my actual father would like to hear to claim a pirate defiled his wife. It’s my hair isn’t it? *twirls a finger in a lock* I got it form my mother I assure you :)

W-wait, what made you say that anyways?! *panic mode*

Happy Valentine’s to everyone I adore here, but these ones are for my personal favourite blogs here.


One Piece Alphabet Challenge: 
B is for Beautiful Ladies
[Full Size Artworks]

ooc: Just like in real life, any girl in One Piece is beautiful in her own way…

Especially Mr.2.

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